• User Research

    It is important to know more about your target groups, how they feel about your product or service, what they want, and what features they will use. We organize user interviews and focus on groups that would normally answer those questions. We will help you analyze the information and point where corrections to your strategy should be applied.

  • Organizational Consulting

    We help our clients focus on their ideas as we successfully implement and run their Internet products or services. We accomplish this by sharing our experience and principles in aligning individual and collective exertion.

  • Product Planning

    We provide our clients with competitive techniques and tools for planning the successful completion of their web products and services. These techniques include: requirements analysis, conceptual prototypes, road-maps and many others. They help the clients balance between their long-term goals and short-term results.

  • Internet Strategy

    We focus on the development of custom business strategies to achieve our clients' goals using competitive web-based technologies. Knowing an organizationā€™s long term vision we are able to deliver plans for achieving significant results.

  • Website Analytics

    We provide specific deliverables including: collection analysis and reporting of Internet data for understanding and optimizing usage of products and services. We also help clients set up both internal analytical models and reports planning.

  • Branding & Identity Systems

    We work to identify brand strategy and position messaging of our clients. Then we translate these into modern identity solution. We strive to create identities that not only stand out in print but also make a significant impact on the web and beyond.

  • Mobile & Alternative Platforms

    It is very important to understand how users interact with mobile platforms. We have spacious experience designing mobile apps, mobile sites and services, point-of-sale systems and kiosks.

  • Interaction Design

    We use wide range of development techniques and tools like: user scenarios, interaction models, information architectures, wire-frames and prototypes. They help us create useful and interactive products and services to meet your business goals.

  • Content Strategy

    Open Biz's editorial team also works closely with clients to determine: what content is appropriate for their Web site; how that content will define all aspects of the client's needs; as well as to ensure that it is attractive, usable and useful.

  • Usability Testing

    We provide usability testing for clients' products and services by setting up one on one interviews with real users. We do tons of quick and practical usability tests throughout the whole development process: from paper prototypes, visual designs, to beta versions of the products and services. That provides us with actionable recommendations on how to fix the potential issues.

  • Software Architecture

    It is important for organizations to know how their products and services can be build to scale easily, how they can maintain the software and how new features can be applied. We focus on these fundamental issues while planning the most appropriate technology to create a given project.

  • eCommerce Consulting

    Our eCommerce consulting team works closely with clients to analyze their business needs. They also help in selecting most suitable third party platform for integration - i.e. Magento Commerce, Zen Cart and many more.

  • Content Management Systems

    We provide custom Content Management Systems (CMS) development that help scalŠµ and manage our clients' website contents. We also offer integration of open-source CMS solutions, including Wordpress and Drupal.

  • Server-Side Development

    Open Biz's development team specializes in developing high-quality and competitive software products and services all client's needs based on PHP, Java and .NET technologies.

  • Quality Assurance and Deployment

    The implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) and deployment are always challenging steps. We work to ensure all software is stable, bug-free and consistent with business requirements. We also work with the clients on security audits and business acceptance testing.

  • Display Advertising

    We identify the best places to display clients' ads online depending on their specific needs. They include rich media advertising, video internationals, location maps, and similar items. Then we work with our designers to create display advertising banners which will attract potential customer's attention.

  • Social Media

    Our team knows and understands the intricate points of most popular social media sites. We provide customized social media solutions that allow our clients to be visible and effective in the social networks scene.

  • Email and CRM

    We leverage our insights into user behavior to create sensible communication sequences. That helps our clients' sales and marketing teams know which customers to target and stay up to date from anywhere without any challenges.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    The objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase a Web sites' traffic and ultimately conversions. We combine SEO design principles, search-friendly technologies and content strategy to develop successful SEO strategy and execution plans.

  • Marketing Analytics

    We help our clients deliver compelling marketing campaigns which speak to the right audience, in just the right way, at just the right time. Our "test and learn" methodology ensures we maximize client marketing ROI.

Why Open Biz

We are a Bulgarian fast-growing company specializing in development of web solutions. Open Biz Ltd. was founded in 2007. Currently based in Sofia, we focus our capabilities in developing and extending innovative web product and services for eCommerce and web industries in Bulgarian and international markets.

Our Mission

Help the World building competitive eCommerce businesses.

We implement our projects successfully because of the professionalism and dedication of our team which includes highly qualified specialists who had been working in large Bulgarian and international companies.

One of our goals is to promote to the business Software As A Service (SaaS) models, Cloud services and Open-source solutions in terms of optimising operative costs for hardware and software license.